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     Measure N passed in Corona in 2016. This meant that the city was split into five different districts, and changed from “at-large” representation to a “by-district” representation                                                        system.  In 2018, Districts 1, 4 and 5 were up for election. Those districts elected three new council people that are living in their district; no longer will the city have multiple people living in the same geographical region. I believe this is a good thing. Since 2018, there have been some issues in our district that frankly no one was advocating on our behalf for. We have a multi-jurisdictional federal works project going on (Alcoa Dike project) that continues to impact our way of life; we have retail developments in our neighboring cities that back up to our city lines that have caused challenges for our residents; and increases in traffic due to multiple cities’ traffic flowing through our district. I have attended several city meetings to express my concerns but haven’t seen an acceptable level of response. Currently, nobody on our city council resides in our district, and it shows.

     With 30k+ residents and a robust business community, District 2 needs someone that has our best interests at heart. In my opinion, our city and elected officials have not made themselves easily accessible. I believe the responsibility is theirs to reach out to the people they serve not the other way around. In this day and age, with a multitude of mediums to stay connected, our representatives have plenty of opportunity to do so.  As a husband, father and business owner, I understand time management, and if that means we have to communicate over text or social media because that works for you, then I’m okay with it. Personally I’m a bigger fan of personal interaction, and I will always choose having a cup of coffee with someone or meeting them where they choose.  The city has multiple community and recreation centers in the district that can be used to hold town halls and meetings. My plan is to hold live district get-togethers. I feel that it’s my responsibility as your councilman and advocate to be as accessible as possible.


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